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ENT Partners of Texas Blog

A Day in the Life of an ENT

Today, I’m sitting down to establish a blog covering various aspects of the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) medical / surgical specialty, both in general, and also from the perspective of the physicians in the ENT Partners of Texas practice. Note the modifier “medical / surgical”. There is probably no other specialty that requires the combined skill and knowledge of both aspects of medicine as much as ENT. It is estimated that 60% of the patients that enter a general practitioner’s office have complaints dealing with the head and neck. This makes our specialty very challenging, but also keeps it very interesting, for you never know what particular problem lies behind that next door.

I thought it might be illustrative to give you a typical list of patients I might see during a routine morning in the office and a typical day in the operating room.

Here’s a typical Monday morning in my practice:

  1. 14 yr old male (M), follow-up (f/u) from tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy I performed last week
  2. 45 yr old female (F) initial snoring evaluation
  3. 2 yr old F 2 weeks f/u placement of ear tubes for recurrent ear infections
  4. 11 yr old M with very painful otitis externa (swimmer’s ear) not better on antibiotics from primary care physician (PCP)
  5. 69 yr old F with tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  6. 34 yr old F with a thyroid nodule
  7. 34 yr old F with obesity who is scheduled for bariatric surgery (obesity surgery) who needs a sleep study and evaluation to make certain she does not have sleep apnea.
  8. 5 yr old F for 5 minute, routine 6 month f/u after tubes placed 18 months ago.
  9. 11 yr old M needs wax cleaned from ears.
  10. 26 yr old F f/u of sinus surgery 3 weeks earlier
  11. 8 yr old M failed a hearing test at school
  12. 52 yr old M for monthly f/u (8 months) after surgical removal of tonsil cancer followed by radiation
  13. 58 yr old M to discuss upcoming surgery for sleep apnea
  14. 19 yr old F with recurrent sinus infections

Normally Tuesday is surgery day. A typical surgery day would consist of the following:

  1. 4 yr old tonsillectomy / adenoidectomy (T&A)
  2. 6 yr old T&A
  3. 19 yr old T&A
  4. 45 yr old sinus surgery
  5. 52 yr old removal of small tongue cancer
  6. 54 yr old thyroidectomy with central neck dissection for cancer

As you can see, things are never boring.

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